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Help with VM placement policy for storage

Question asked by matt.vanstone on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by matt.vanstone

In my environment we have some small datastores in some sites that are used just to store templates and ISO files. We have created a "Don't Place" workload placement policy for these so that there won't be migration recommendations to these datastores.


Often, our linux administrators will leave ISOs that are on these datastores mapped to VMs. VMTurbo sees this as a violation of the placement policy and recommends migrating off of the datastore. So I either ignore these recommendations or I have to reach out to the admin and find out if I can remove the ISO from the VM.


Is there a better way for me to exclude these VMs from the placement policy, but also not throw a violation if a VM is placed on one of these datastores?