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Exclude Datastores

Question asked by tony.zimzores on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by Michael Scott

Afternoon, trying to figure out how to exclude datastores from recommendations. I have tried adding them to a group and setting the actions to disable with no luck. Here is the scenario I am trying to fix: I have 3-4 datastores containing a single VM of 2.2tb each; vmTurbo keep giving recommendations to move the 2.2tb vm to a different datastore and move other vm's into these dedicated datastores.


I have fixed the first part of this by creating a custom group with the vm's in it and disable the storage move recommendations. My current issue is with a custom group containing the datastores set to disable for "moves"; I keep getting recommendations to place other vm's into these dedicated datstores; how can I have vmTurbo ignore these datastores?