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vCPU Increase Recommendations

Question asked by on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by barry.howard

I have a couple VMs that had a recommended vCPU increase which was applied.  After applying this and the dashboard refreshes it then shows them being recommended for another upgrade!


Why does it recommend the upgrade, complete the upgrade (manual) and then it recommends yet another upgrade.  The servers are a File server and a SQL server which are not heavily used typically.


The File server recommended 2 to 3 vCPUs and the SQL server 6 to 8 vCPUs which was applied but now it is recommending for the SQL box 8 to 11 vCPUs??


Just curious on the logic of the software as this does not make sense to me as it should take the first increase then monitor the data over a week before immediately recommending another increase.