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Connecting to VMTurbo MySQL DB

Question asked by jmachiejr on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by jerryl

We currently have our own custom in house queries for pulling data out of the built in VMTurbo database. Is anyone else here doing this? And if so what type of data are you pulling? We are pulling out the right sizing recommendations so we can create customized reports to display the data exactly how we want it.


One issue we have encountered is that every time there is an update to the appliance it changes the structure and/or table names in the DB and breaks our reports. This has become an inconvenience for my DBA's because they have to manually search the DB and figure out what has changed before they can fix our reports. I have sent a request to our VMTurbo rep asking them if they can provide some sort of documentation of the changes that happen to the DB. This way we can adjust our queries accordingly in preparation of applying any updates.


I am very interested to see if anyone else is creating their own custom reports outside of the built in reporting features of VMTurbo?