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SuSE Linux VMs - Increase VMem capacity

Question asked by chadd.toppings on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by chadd.toppings

Hi all,


This is more of a general question regarding some of the Recommended Actions I've been seeing since we've implemented Operations Manager (currently running version 5.3 build 36591).  For quite a few of our Linux VMs, I'm seeing recommendations to increase their VMem capacity.  But, this seems to contradict other findings from other utilities, such as the locally installed sarcheck.


Is anyone else experiencing this with their Linux VMs?  Our primary Linux deployment is SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, maybe this Linux flavor handles it's memory allocation in such a way that triggers an Operations Manager recommendation?


Are there some settings I can try tweaking within Operations Manager to try reduce the number of Recommended Actions to increase VMem for these Linux VMs?