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How can I convert to docker?

Question asked by ryanmerrell on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Gregory Dunn

So I just attended VMTurbo's Docker presentation by Eric Wright, which was great. Docker seems like an exciting solution. Our shop consists of 5 Developers and 3 QA. We provide these individuals a Virtual Machine (that they run on VMWare Workstation) of our website, which is a LAMP based web app. We provide a script that they run when they boot up the VM that will configure it with their own hostnames, their own assigned IP address, etc.. It also configures the apache vhosts to respond to their custom domains. From their host machine, hey run an rsync script to push the latest copy of the git repo to the VM for the web app, then their IDEs take care of keeping the code in sync with the work they do. -- This works. The problem is whenever anything changes with the VM: New software, software updates, OS updates, process updates, etc.. This requires me pulling the template, adding the new stuff, then scrubbing anything I did (so it's "clean" for the developers) and redeploying the template as an OVA. The developers then need to download the OVA, and basically start over form scratch. I hate this process. This is why the idea of containers is intriguing to me.


Given the above described set up, how would I do this with docker? I would say that my understanding of docker is still pretty elementary, so explain it like I'm 5. Would the devs need to simply run a Linux VM and install docker on top of it?


Thanks for any insight you can provide!