Questions from "Containers, Microservices, and Latency, Oh My!" Webinar

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Thanks to everyone who attended the "Containers, Microservices, and Latency, Oh My!" webinar today.  We had a great attendance, and lots of excellent questions. 


Here are the questions and comments, which I will be answering right here below.  The rest of the details of the webinar will also be posted including the recording and the slides.


  • Are there security controls between containers?
  • Boot2docker is deprecated for docker toolbox
  • Can containers fit into an already virtualized environment (vmware, hyper-V)
  • Do we run containers on VM or physical host
  • For those of us that have developers using Virtual machines for development, are you going to be talking about benefits of using containers over VMs?
  • How does container/microservice/agile development shift IT organizations? How much more staff? What new skills? Separate orgs v. waterfall, etc, etc.
  • How does containered enviroments handle GUI enviroments? And has there been development for a GUI enviroment for managing containers?
  • How easy is it to create your own docker image -- so that you can be sure the image is secure?
  • I have a need to launch demo sites for my sales people; preferably for each sales person . Can containers be launched on the fly on a marketing website or out of dashboard?
  • I may be the off-case here, but I am mostly a Windows shop ... got anything for me?  [grin]
  • if applications run slower in containers, by how much?
  • Isn't Docker engine like a JRE and container a JVM
  • It doesn't seem very convenient to run containers with non-standard port exposed. But if I run multiple webserver VMs only one could run on port 80. Unless I can give the conainers  different IP addresses. Is that possible?
  • Many things that are created to make developer's life easier. Does Docker containers are meant to be used in production environments?
  • The technology remind me on virtualized applications like VMware ThinApps, etc.
  • this is a very good presentation. thanks.
  • what do i need in order to have a docker infraestructure?
  • What traction is rkt getting from small to medium businesses? I've been following both rkt and Docker for a while and am looking to move our application to containers.
  • Who manages this repository of images and is it secured from fraud and security related concerns?
  • Is there a load balancer container?
  • Can containers replace hardware based virtualization? Can we draw parallels with any VMware technologies like DRS, vMotion etc
  • So for a lamp stack, would I get three different containers? Apache, MySQL and PHP? Then do you  put website/application content on the HOST and configure the apache container to look at the HOST for the docroot? How would you piece all of that together?
  • Is it true that Microsoft is embracing Docker with their Visual Studio 2015?
  • Can we host a local hub for docker images?