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Do I need traditional guest level monitoring SW when VMTurbo is there ?.

Question asked by narasimhaiah.prasath on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by steeladept

Few basic questions. Pls help.


1) Do I need traditional monitoring tool to monitor (CPU, RAM, Disk space) VMs at guest level. Wondering, why I need this when VMTurbo can handle CPU, RAM increase or decrease based on demand ?.


2) Does CPU, RAM decrease using automatic sizing (non-disruptive) require VM down-time ?.


3) How does VMTurbo handle for VMs where applications are based on .NET, JVM which seems to use reserved memory in application itself ?.


4) Storage (from SAN) is thin provisioned Windows VMs. Say I have a D:\ drive with 100 GB and VMturbo recommends space to be increased to 120 GB. Will this allocation happen automatically OR VMWare admin should expand D:\ drive by 20 GB to meet demand ?.