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Action Restriction Windows - If and how you are using them and if you have issues  

Question asked by michael.knych on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by nikop

Who out there in VMTurbo Ops Manager land is using the Action Restriction Windows that are provided in the Action Category of the Policy View?


We would like to turn on VM move automation between host servers of a Custer except for our patch Thursdays evening period and our Saturday evening maintenance outage windows.  We don't want Ops Manager moving VMs when we might be working on the Cluster.  Great idea - right?


Well we followed the documentation in the 5.2 manual to turn on VM move automation at the VMs by PMs Cluster level within the Actions/VM override policy sub-category.  At the global VM level in Actions we have the VM moves set to manual  We then setup an Action Restriction Windows for Thursday evenings and Saturday evenings to put VM moves in manual mode.  Straightforward - right?  Well guess what?  Yep - that didn't work.  During the restricted window Ops Manager kept sending VM move commands to Virtual Center!!!


I've talked to VMTurbo support who tells me that there is an issue they are aware of.  Apparently, the automate mode takes precedent between a global/override normal setting and what's defined in the Action Restriction Window.  So in order to have a Restriction Window actually work, ii has to do the automatic action.  Using the window to take an action from automatic to manual apparently does not work.  So, in my humble opinion, we should call this an Action Escalation Window. 


So if you have, as I did, the "normal" setting to automate VM moves and a window set to manual mode, the automate takes precedent over the manual in the window setting!!


The net result of this, is that you need to set things up in reverse.  You need to normally have the VM moves for the Cluster in manual mode and then setup windows for the day and/or time periods of days that you want automation active!!!!


Does anyone else think this is backwards??  Support says they are aware of this and working on a solution.  I just think it should be escalated since setting up things the currently supported way is much more complicated, especially when you want to manually switch in and out of automation mode.


We don't plan to run on automation until VMTurbo gets this fixed.       


Again, who has automation turned on and are using Action Restriction Windows?