Want to do some Docker testing?  Try out Rancher

Discussion created by discoposse Expert on Nov 21, 2015

If you've been looking for a way to kick the tires on Docker, but also want to have the ability to save some of the yak shaving that is often associated with it, why not try out Rancher. 


Rancher is a really neat product that gives a nice GUI management on top of a Docker ecosystem, ironically from a Docker container itself.


You can read about why I think that Rancher is interesting here from about:virtualization:  http://vmturbo.com/about-virtualization/rancher-containing-the-cattle-from-the-os-to-the-orchestration/ 


I have a blog series on my personal blog which is helping to get you up and running on Rancher. Hopefully it's helpful to walk you through some of the initial steps to try out some container testing:


Rancher Part 1:  Installing Rancher and Setting Access Control | DiscoPosse.com


Rancher Part 2:  Adding a Docker Host to Rancher | DiscoPosse.com


Rancher Part 3:  Adding the DockerHub to our Rancher Registry | DiscoPosse.com


Rancher Part 4:  Using the Catalog Example with GlusterFS | DiscoPosse.com   


Let me know if you find this useful, and any suggestions you would have to learn more.  I'm always up to bring good learning content to the community