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Question asked by spitgawala on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by cward

I spent some time yesterday with a VMTurbo engineer and I wanted to share where I am on generating a Chargeback report and get some feedback from the group at the same time. The engineer shared with me a report from the Customer portion of the Green Circle Community web site, called Individual VM Monthly Summary With Capacity Cost. I ran that report and produced an Excel sheet but have mixed feelings about the report.


Before I go forward, a little background on what brought me here. I am doing a side by side comparison between FogLIght and VMTurbo, with Chargeback being one of the primary areas of interest. Foglight has a Chargeback module, where you create Tiers and then apply the Tiers to your VMs. Then a Chargeback report is created. Foglight, unfortunately, does not have a way to automate the Tier allocation, so it has to be done manually. My tiers were set up as follows:



Memory (MB)

Chargeback Tier

Cost per Month










4097 - 24576




0  - 8192




8193 - 16384




16385 +




I created the following report, using this Tiering. Because Foglight was POC, it had not been running for full month and the cost did not translate properly into a full monthly allocation. So the Tier 5 VM in the first line should have been $1000 per month, but because the report is only for about 1 week, the cost comes out to be $233.33.



The report that the VMT engineer shared with me does not give me a similar result and I am trying to find a Chargeback report with something similar to the above. I was wondering if anyone in the group had found a report in the Customer Section that was something similar to the above screen shot. Additionally, what are your thoughts about the Chargeback features of VMT? Good, bad or otherwise? Anything you have to share would be appreciated.