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Suggestions for tuning IOPs? 

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by julie.gordon

The most prevalent bottleneck that we have in our environment has been IOPs.  We have a primary Hyper-V HA cluster consisting of two servers attached to a Dell MD3200 array.  That array currently houses 12 HDDs.  The first 6 are 7.2k RPM, 3TB in a RAID 5.  The remaining 6 are 15k RPM, 550 GB in a RAID 5.  Based on my calculations (with the read percentage set to 70%, but that's little more than an educated guess), our available IOPs for the 7.2k array is about 250, the 15k array about 600.

The limits that I'm seeing in VMTurbo are much higher (800 and 1,600 respectively), with a combined number of 5,000.  I'd like to tune those, but want to make sure I'm going about this correctly.  My assumption is that I need to set the following values within the Policy area of VMTurbo:

     7.2k Disk IOPS Capacity to 250

     15k Disk IOPS Capacity to 600

     IOPS Capacity to 850

I'm in the process of downloading the proper manual now, and will be going through that later today.  In the meantime, and suggestions or guidance that you may  be able to provide would be helpful.