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For Email/Trap Notifications how is a problems severity calculated?

Question asked by nlangione Expert on Dec 17, 2015

I have set up an email notification that notifies on critical problems for the Storage By PM Cluster group and keep getting the following notifications:


Storage: eql.lun02.esxc01.X.X.X


Event: StorageLatency Congestion - Storage Latency congestion on Storage "eql.lun02.esxc01.X.X.X

Category: Performance Assurance

Severity: Critical


Source Appliance: 10.22.x.x


My questions are how does vmturbo determine that there is a problem?

How does it determine if the problem is minor, major, or critical? What is the mathematical equation behind it?


What settings can I adjust to change the problem thresholds for storage latency congestion?


Thank you!