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Validation of Hyper-V Hosts fails every time after updating the VMTurbo Appliance

Question asked by jerry on Dec 23, 2015
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We have an issue with VMTurbo in that every time we update the appliance it then fails to validate all Hyper-V hosts. Deleting them and re-adding doesnt work. Its not an issue with the registry permissions either as these have all been checked countless times.


The only way ive been able to resolve the issue is to drain the Hyper-V nodes of all VMs and bounce them then go through the process of re-adding them in VMTurbo.


This is now becoming such an issue that its making VMTurbo non usable with over 27 Hyper-V nodes running in excess of 350VM's this is no small task, it also loses all of the data for these nodes as they are basically starting from scratch.


Ive checked all the articles regarding Hyper-V node validation issues with no resolution to this issue.


Ive also just scrapped the existing VMTurbo appliance and downloaded a fresh one, add all the Hyper-V hosts to it without any issue with validation, then updated the appliance to the latest version, i now have all hosts failing validation and not able to get them to pick up again.


Any help gratefully received.