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How to free the resources held by VMTurbo during reservation

Question asked by sriramg on Jan 17, 2016
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I'm using VMTurbo to manage openstack instances.  I have two openstack instances, below steps I follow using REST API.

1. I get suggestion from VMTurbo to create a VM(workload).

2.  create few reservations using VMTurbo.

As VMTurbo cannot deploy VMs, I used Openstack dashboard to create instances. In recent times, when I go for getting suggestions for creating a VM, I'm getting only Storage items. I have deleted(terminated) all VM instances from Openstacks and also I have deleted(REST API) all Reservations in VMTurbo. Still I get Storage items when I invoke actionitems from REST API.
Please let me know if I miss something in the process of removing all reservations and also let me know how to get Physical machine items in actionitems.