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Automated Workload Placement

Question asked by chadd.toppings on Feb 8, 2016
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I've starting testing out VMTurbo's automated VM actions in our test lab environment.  The test environment I've pointed Operations Manager at consists of 2 XenServer hosts, each having their own local storage SRs, as well as a shared NFS Storage SR.  I've created 3 VMs within that pool.


I'm currently attempting to create a Workload Placement policy that will automatically move VMs off of one of the hosts in prep for maintenance tasks, etc.  To do this, I've done the following:


- created a custom group called "XenServer Hosts to Evacuate (Test)", and added the physical host I want to evacuate as the sole member of that group

- created a custom Workload Placement Policy

     - Policy: Don't Place

     - Consumer Type: Virtual Machine

     - Consumer Group: The XenServer pool in our test lab

     - Provider Group: The custom group created earlier

- navigated to Action --> VM --> Virtual Machines By PM Cluster --> The XenServer pool in our test lab

     - changed Move to Automated


After enabling the Placement Policy and waiting approx 10-15 min, I can see that VMTurbo begins to move VMs off of the VM host I specified earlier.  However, after the host is evacuated, the Placement Policy doesn't seem to enforce the Don't Place policy.  If I move a VM back onto the host I wanted to keep empty (either by a XenMotion migration, or a shut off/turn on), VMTurbo won't move it off again.


Is this behaviour by design?  I was hoping the placement policies would keep enforcing the Don't Place group, but if that's not the case, then I can probably find a workaround from the XenServer side of things (i.e. placing the host in maintenance mode after VMTurbo evacuates the host.)


Any insight would be appreciated!