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Virtual Machine Summary report request / question

Question asked by devans on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Michael Scott

Hi - Recently I've been tasked with monitoring some new environments to make sure we're not running into any infrastructure bottlenecks.(new to VMT too) I've been using the Virtual Machine Summary report in VMT 5.4 but have noticed it doesn't include the data from the day you ran it on if the report is ran for the present day. Is there a way to get this report to have an option to return data from the day it was ran on?


Example: We do a load test that involves a bunch of servers from 1PM to 4 PM today 2/8/2016. After the tests are finished at 4 I'd like to run the summary against the virtual machines to see their utilization by hour. Right now when i run the report it starts on the previous day 2/7/2016.


If this isn't possible, is there another solution/report inside of VMT that shows the same information in an easy to read report for management? I tried going to the inventory view but i cannot get all the information that is provided in the Virtual Machine Summary.


Thanks much!