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VM size tracking (VMware) over a period of time

Question asked by sibaji on Feb 18, 2016
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I am an independent consultant without much VMware technical knowledge, and am looking for an ability to track the size (in terms of cores and processors) of a Virtual Machine (VM) on VMware that is part of a large physical server or part of a VMware cluster involving multiple physical servers. The number of cores and processors being dynamically allocated to the VM, must be continuously tracked, documented and displayed on a dashboard.


For example, let’s say there are 2 large physical servers A and B, as part of a VMware cluster.


Server A has 8 processors while Server B has 4 processors. Now as part of this A/B VMware cluster, there is a Virtual Machine C which is created and configured in such a way that the number of physical resources (processors) allocated to this Virtual Machine C can be dynamically changed over time, based on the processing power required. For example, this VM called C, based on the capacity needed, may have been allocated the following resources:


(DAY 1)      2 Processors have been allocated to the VM at 2pm on 01/Jan/2016.


(DAY 2)      4 Processors have been allocated to the VM at 4am on 02/Jan/2016.


(DAY 3)      2 Processors have been allocated to the VM at 7pm on 03/Jan/2016.


What I am looking for is a way to actively track over a period of time the amount of resources (cores or processors) that the Virtual Machine C is using. I think this should ideally happen by taking into account some log files from the VMware set-up, and then processing them to find the highest usage and average usage over a period of time (say weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months).


I do not have a sample VMware log to test the output. The solution must be agnostic of the Operating System, Hardware Platform, Processor Type or the VMware version.


I have been suggested of Virtual Health Monitor from VMTurbo for the purpose. Is this the right recommendation ? If yes, can you please provide me some training videos (high level) and any available product sheet for VHM.


I look forward to your kind response.