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VMTurbo 5.4 Appliance MariaDB ODBC connection how to

Question asked by jmachiejr on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by arun.balodi

Some of you out there may, like me, have on site DBA's that prefer to connect directly to the VMTurbo DB to generate their own reports. We currently do this because my DBA's wanted to build a highly customized right sizing report they could manipulate in whatever way they wanted. Before VMTurbo changed the embedded DB from MySQL to MariaDB is was quite easy. You just installed the MySQL ODBC driver and established a connection to the appliance. But with the change over to using MariaDB came a few changes to the DB security that we were unaware of.


After upgrading to the latest version of the appliance we could no longer query the DB. I would get messages saying access denied to the MariaDB. After digging around in Google I found that we needed to configure the DB to allow remote connections. You can do this by connecting to the your VMTurbo appliance through SSH. Then you need to connect to the DB using the following command:


mysql -u root -pvmturbo vmtdb   (assuming you have not changed the password in the DB)


Once connected to the DB you issue the following commands to grant remote access rights to the account you are using:


GRANT ALL ON *.* to 'username'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'your-password';



You replace the IP above with the IP of the server or workstation you want to connect from. This way you restrict where the account is allowed to connect from. You can create a service account and grant it rights in this manner so you don't have to use root.


In order to create a new user to grant access to issue the following command after you connect to the DB with the mysql command above:


CREATE USER 'username'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'your-password';  (replace IP with source IP)


After you create the user you must run the grant all and flush privileges commands above for the account you created. Once this is done you should be able to install the MariaDB ODBC driver on your workstation or server and establish a remote connection to the VMTurbo DB remotely and run queries against it using the account you specified. I hope this is helpful to others trying to do the same thing we are doing.