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Determining windows vs linux host count

Question asked by huhjieun on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by bsong

Is there an easy way to determine how many Windows vs. Linux hosts would be needed to be added to a cluster when running a plan on a cluster? For example, there is a group made for VM's with "Windows" tags for the overall environment.


I go to plan view --> scope --> pick the specific cluster I want to run the analysis on --> shift + select the group (VM's with "Windows" tags).

However, I believe this doesn't execute the plan that I want it to run (specifically, I want to run an analysis to see how many Windows hosts I would need to add to a specific cluster, but in this case, it runs the analysis for both the specific clusters and the tagged Windows hosts outside of the cluster). Creating a specific group for Windows Hosts residing in a specific cluster and running the analysis that way solved the problem somewhat, but I was just wondering if there was an easier way to do this. This would be useful for licensing purposes.


Also, on another note, we got this error when we tried running a plan:

Is there something that we could do to solve this? Thank you!