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Report of VM Name and Two Custom Annotations from VC

Question asked by chad.hummel on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by chad.hummel

I need to generate a VM Backup Report for all systems.  We utilize NetBackup and it is setup to edit two custom Virtual Center Annotations.  I simply need the SQL query for a custom report that just lists the VM Name and the values of the two custom annotations if they exist.  The custom annotations we use are "Backup" and "NB_LAST_BACKUP" so I would like to have a report that can be generated and scheduled that would simply show the following:


VM NAME          BACKUP               NB_LAST_BACKUP

VM1                    Yes - T1                 Sat May 28 20:04:29 2016,MasterServer1,VMW-Tier1

VM2                    Yes - T2                 Sat May 28 20:04:29 2016,MasterServer2,VMW-Tier2


Can this be easily created to display all VMs that have these annotations in a report listing that can then be scheduled to run and e-mailed to our admins?



Chad Hummel

Data Center Analyst

CommScope, Inc.