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VMTurbo : Storage queries.. ?

Question asked by narasimhaiah.prasath on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by swagner
  1. The tool provides a recommendation to move the VM’s to other data stores within the cluster . So does it take projection of 3 months(as an example) into consideration ?.
  2. How to get list of the data stores which are not accessed since a month or so ?.
  3. What about the RDM’s attached to the VM’s . Does it move with the VM movement ?.
  4. Possibility of doing consolidation of VMDK files for any VM ?.
  5. Possibility of finding out replicated luns for any particular data store ?.
  6. Is it mandatory stop the SDRS before triggering the action from the tool
  7. Possibility to generate a report of the complete storage – Eg : Space allocated and space used  ?.
  8. Generating a report of the data store with high IO ops .
  9. Incorrect Assignment of the luns  Eg : LUNS are allocated identically to any cluster . Is it possible to find out if the lun is wrongly mapped ?.