OpenSuse .ova vs manual RedHat installation

Discussion created by todd.schuldt on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by darrenprince

What are some of your reasons for choosing a manual RedHat (RH)/CentOS installation over using the OpenSuse appliance?  (As described in docs like Install Turbonomic on RedHat 7.x (CentOS) )


Is for things like:

     1.     Need to maintain VMTurbo within our existing OS support structure? (Don't want/Can't use OpenSuse, you can only support in-place OS upgrades for RH/Variants)

     2.     Require OS vendor support be available (Your company requires RH support licenses)

     3.     Security requirement - Require SELinux lockdowns, security team only supports RH, requires OS installation matching their approved KickStart/template, etc.

     4.     Require more granular control over what services are used internally (MariaDB or newest GA line like 5.7.x, etc)

     5.     We left Suse after VMWare stopped their built-in licensing agreement

     6.     Just like to roll my own