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VMTurbo for Citrix Visualization, use cases?

Question asked by sajidali01 on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by rfagut

Hi VMTurbo,

I am Sajid Ali and Working in in Wipro Technologies in one of the mega project of Citrix Virtualization of our Customer - ABB.


During my 3 days ACE Training, I found this tool is really interesting for end-to-end planning and controlling features apart from Monitoring & remediation features.


I am keen interested in understanding the core Citrix level use cases of this tool, how this tool can be most beneficial in terms of controlling and planning of Citrix layer of the Desktop and Application virtualization.


Also suggest the best features where customer can save their costs by optimizing Citrix infrastructure at the optimal level.

Kindly share us any success stories which can be shared to customer, so they can have decisions on using VMTurbo tool, which is really a beneficial to make life easier for Administration and control, considering cost in mind.

Please also add licensing features.




Sajid Ali

+91 95455 20480