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VMTurbo 5.5.6 installation on AHV

Question asked by on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by endre.sara

Hey All,


Not sure who here might be running AHV (ie Nutanix's own hypervisor), but we're in the process of trying this out.  However, I'm having some issues getting it installed.  The general process I've followed is:


- Download the 5.5.6 qcow.gz file

- Use the image service in AHV to create an image

- Deploy a VM from AHV using the image as the base for the disk creation

- Boot VM


However, I've been having some issues booting the VM.  It's not recognizing the boot disk.  Here's a screenshot:


Anyone have any experience with this?  I have a workaround that I'm considering trying (ie load the VMware OVA into our VMware env, and then migrate the VM over), but I'm told that directly building the VM inside of AHV should work, so I'm really trying to get it to work 'natively'.