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Once Turbonomic has identified a problem how long does it take to send an email notification, if configured?

Question asked by nlangione Expert on Sep 9, 2016
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We have some clustered VMs that we are using groups and workload placement policies to to keep on separate hypervisors. These VMs cannot be vMotioned without manual intervention so I am  am setting up email notifications to alert us when a WPP is violated. I am successfully receiving emails when there is a Violation of Workload Placement, but I am seeing compliance recommendations in the To Do list well before I get an email. How long does it take for an email to be sent once a problem has been identified or made it on to the To Do list? Is there any way to change this time period?


Here is how the email notification is currently configured:

Scope: Group - email notification test

Notification Type: Email

Type: Problem

Severity: Minor

Notify status: Notify


Defined In: This Group