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Hello community, I'm failed to open a session for the virtual machine vm. Help me please.

Question asked by cesar on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by rickyanderson

Could not open the medium '/Users/customer/VirtualBox VMs/vm/vmturbo64-opsmgr-5_5-disk1.vmdk'.

VMDK: error reading the magic number in '/Users/customer/VirtualBox VMs/vm/vmturbo64-opsmgr-5_5-disk1.vmdk' (VERR_EOF).

VD: error VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_HEADER opening image file '/Users/customer/VirtualBox VMs/vm/vmturbo64-opsmgr-5_5-disk1.vmdk' (VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_HEADER).