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Raw Device Mappings (RDM) reported as wasted space

Question asked by on Oct 21, 2016
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We're new to Turbonomic, and one of the things we're looking to do is reclaim some wasted space on our datastores.  Unfortunately, Turbonomic is reporting the RDMs we have as wasted storage, since VMs do show them "symbolically" with their other files.  For example, if we have a 5 TB RDM hosted on a LUN on our SAN, it will show up as a "XXXX-rdmp.vmdk" file representing the size of the RDM volume, but not really taking up space on the datastore the VM resides on.  However, Turbonomic sees this as wasted storage on the datastore.  Is there a way to correct this, so the wasted storage view an reports are actually accurate for us?  Maybe a setting under Policy to ignore/filter out files with certain criteria (like with "rdmp.vmdk" in their name)?