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Are you ready for the holidays? (IOW who's watching the data center?)

Question asked by discoposse Expert on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by bliebowitz

It's time for US Thanksgiving weekend, and then the Christmas season is right on its heels.  If you need personal downtime without server downtime, it's always good to share what successes you've had with keeping the lights on (and bright!) in your data center.


What sort of processes are you using today to deal with uptime, performance, node management, application management and other day-to-day IT operations processes?


Does your data center let you take 4 days off? 


To celebrate the holidays and better processes, I'm giving away a copy of the DevOps Handbook (devops-handbook ) to one lucky commenter on this post to be delivered right after the Christmas holiday break.  What better time to put a little DevOps goodness into your New Year's Resolutions!