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Can the tree view be disabled?

Question asked by nsimmelink on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by thodoris77

Hello fellow community members,


I am currently testing Turbonomic using the 30-day trial as part of research to determine the best fit following my organisation's requirements. Without going into too much detail, we are looking for a multi-tenant solution for monitoring OrgVDC's from our customers.


The issue I'm having is that every entity in Turbonomic can be expanded in a tree view, i.e. a VDC exists of hosts, like VM1, this VM1 can be expanded into folders like "consumes", which shows the ESXi host it's running on and under that I can find all of its resources and VM's and all corresponding monitoring data.


This is not what we're looking for. We need the customer to only see the OrgVDC and its VM's. Anything that can lead back to the actual hardware and therefore the VM's and info belonging to other tenants breaks our security policy. Is there a way to simply disable this tree view? If not, then we have to look into vROps I'm afraid. I love the new upcoming interface for Turbonomics, though!


Thanks in advance. Picture added for reference. As English is not my native tongue, errors can be plentiful.