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How can I create a "vra worst offenders report"?

Question asked by tracy.conley on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by tracy.conley

I run a heavy vra environment and as part of that i add a vcenter tag for the "business_group" to all vms order through the portal.  What i want to create is a worst offender report for business groups.  Basicly a report that would list the following data per business group.  I am just not sure how to create the report.  In the end i will take the data create bar charts showing the top 25 business groups in each category.  This will then be sent out to management.


I have microsoft BI as part of office 365 and i want to put up realtime dashboards for management with this data.


Data per business group:

business group name

cpu's used

cpu's over provisioned

Memory used

Memory over provision

Storage used

Storage over provisioned.