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How can turbonomic accurately track OS memory usage, to make sizing recommendations, when vCenter can't?

Question asked by nlangione Expert on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by patrick.parish

We ran into an issue today where a VMs memory usage was under 40% in turbonomic and vCenter, but oom killer was killing processes because of lack of memory. We had no recommendation to increase the VMs memory from turbonomic and or VM memory usage alarms from vCenter, but the VM was clearly struggling as you can see from the screenshots below.


jenkins vcenter.PNG

vCenter performance monitoring shows low memory usage.

jenkins turbonomics.PNG

Turbonomic shows similar low memory usage.

jenkins zabbix.PNG

Zabbix shows OS memory usage consistently over 80%.

jenkins free command.PNG

The free command shows high memory usage and swapping is occurring which means there is insufficient memory for the OS.


Since vCenter active memory is an estimation, not actual usage, and was not intended to be used as a rightsizing counter how does turbonomics overcome this to accurately display memory usage and resource contention?