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SEEKING: Experience with Turbonomic and Microsoft SQL License Compliance Audit

Question asked by on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by byemini

When we were getting our Turbonomic instance set up and configured, our support rep mentioned something that intrigued us about SQL license compliance.  We currently have a "SQL Cluster", consisting of a few ESXi hosts in vCenter that are licenses (by socket) to run MS SQL.  All of our virtualized SQL servers run on this cluster.  We don't move them out of the cluster, nor do we move any other servers into it, and it has dedicated datastores that only host those servers.  This setup was done prior to my time with my company, so I don't have the full background on it, but I'm told it was to be in compliance with Microsoft SQL licensing, and to allow us to only have to license the hosts in that cluster.


Of course, with current versions of VMware "shared nothing" migration is commonplace, so there would be no physical issue moving those SQL servers out of the cluster.  We were told during our implementation that Micorosoft has no issue with something like Turbonomic being used to pin VMs to a certain number of specified hosts/storage, so that we wouldn't need to segregate the licensed hosts into their own cluster.


My question is this: has anyone tried this and gone through a Microsoft audit?  Or, has anyone seen any documented cases where something like this implementation was signed off on by Microsoft?  We'd like to implement something like this, but my management is VERY hesitant due to licensing, and we don't want to get nailed with a huge charge for being out of compliance.