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How to disable hypervisor storage drives?

Question asked by dredknight on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by perryforbes

Dear all,

Just deployed the Turbonomic 5.7 software yesterday and I am very pleased with what it offers . I was playing with some policy stuff so I can see if I can set a PoC for monitoring and I stumbled upon a very weird problem. How do you disable monitoring of hypervisor local drives and specific NFS drives that does not carry VMs?

When I go to Policy -> Analysis -> Storage by Disk Array -> Storage_diskArray-<Cluster_name>-XEN1/Local storage

There are 2 tables with options:

- Utilization constraints - here the admin can setup alarms for different % of utilization of the drive

- Storage Settings - here the admin can decide what is considered peak utilization (or max capacity) for the drive on which % utilization is later evaluated. The only thing that caught my eye is "Disable Datastore browsing" but it seems it serves other purpose than what I want.