Microsoft Azure Stack: A Game Changer?

Discussion created by angelo.luciani on Jul 18, 2017
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Well, it's finally here, Microsoft Azure Stack.


Brandon Butler has a good write up on it in NetworkWorld


Article - Azure Stack: Microsoft’s private-cloud platform and what IT pros need to know about it


Azure Stack as Brandon mentions is Microsoft's on-premises version of its public cloud. Azure Stack will not replace your traditional infrastructure as many IT admins support non-cloud legacy applications.


Azure Stack is an attractive on-ramp for folks wanting to leverage Microsoft Azure as their public cloud platform and build a hybrid cloud. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) currently do not have a similar offering.


Are you looking forward to Azure Stack? Have you used the Technical Preview? Do you think this will give Microsoft the edge over GCP and AWS? Is this a game-changer?


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