Sneakernet for the Cloud Era: Google Transfer Appliance

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Put away those thumb drives, things just got a whole lot bigger.


On July 18,  Ben Chong, Google Product Manager announced that Google released a new data center appliance called Transfer Appliance which will ingest enormous amounts of data and then you ship to Google who will upload the data to their Google Cloud Storage.


The Google Cloud Platform Blog has a good write up on the process.


Blog - Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Transfer Appliance: Sneakernet for the cloud era 


Yes, I said ship to Google, don't worry your data is encrypted at capture and can only be decrypted by you at the final destination. In a matter of weeks, you could have a petabyte of your data accessible in Google Cloud Storage vs. uploading over a slow internet link. 


Are you a Google Cloud Platform Customer, is this something you would consider using? Are there even use cases for this type of appliance? What if it gets lost in the shipping?


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