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Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) in Reports/Actions

Question asked by on Aug 29, 2017

We're having some issues getting accurate reports and efficiency suggestions in our environment due to our use of RDMs for many of our servers.  Our VM architecture is such that overall, most VMs (and all OS drives) are on normal VMFS datastores, but any large drives that house shared files, SQL data, Exchange databases, and the like are on RDMs.  This is due to our backup application and our use of SAN transport for backing up the VMs themselves, while using agent-based backup for file data and databases.


Due to this, I am continually seeing efficiency improvement suggestions made by Turbonomic indicating to downsize an RDM volume to way lower than it should be.  For example, one SQL volume is 3 TB, of which 2 TB is used.  Turbonomic is saying to decrease it to 192 GB.  Another is 10 TB (mail databases), of which 8.5 TB is used.  Turbonmic wants that one to be 116 GB.  Obviously, these are not proper/valid recommendations.  


I would like to utilize this feature to right-size more of our VMs, including storage, but without valid information being reported, I'd have to check literally every recommendation.  Is there any way to make Turbonomic properly report/recommend storage?  Even something like allowing discovery of drive sizes through WMI?