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Move action on Hyper-v cluster failed : Unsupported action type

Question asked by adp on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by jeremy.levenson



We are currently using automated move actions on our vSphere Clusters. Everything works great.

So let's try on Hyper-v now.


Using the KB, validation and discovery are OK. Next step is to enable manual move action.


When I try to apply a move recommendation, the action failed with error message :

Unsupported action type : cross_target_move for Virtual Machine Entity.


The source and destination hosts are in the same hyper-v failover cluster and on the same refs Lun.

I am able to move the VM using hyper-v console or scvmm console. The discovery account is in a different forest than the hyper-v servers.


How can i get more information (log files) about this issue ? Did i miss a requirement?



Thanks for your support.