Is this possible to Run VMware in VMware.?

Discussion created by emmablisa on Sep 25, 2017
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We have a physical machine that runs VMware and hosts a VM we use for SharePoint organization testing. That machine is old and passing on, and my boss' system rulers are intensely pushing facilitated VMs as a swap for obsolete physical servers. I was interested about whether it's conceivable to run VMware training inside VMware, and assuming this is the case, regardless of whether there are extreme execution suggestions. We don't require outrageous execution from this setup, since it's quite recently utilized for SharePoint testing and the related SQL Server is on an alternate box. My figure is that we can't simply utilize the essential facilitated VM for our testing since we'll need to move back every so often and generally have more control over it, and getting purchase in for that from the system people is impossible. Does anybody have any involvement with this.?