VMware Workstation (vs) VMware Esx.?

Discussion created by emmablisa on Oct 16, 2017
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 I'm utilizing VMware Workstation 6.0 for recreation of tight bunches of "sharp edges" in a "frame". Both the host and target OSs are Linux. Every "undercarriage" utilizes a vmnet switch as a virtual backplane, to which the virtual cutting edges associate. Other vmnet changes are utilized to intercede point-to-point associations between mutiple virtual ethernet connectors on every edge VM. The frame, and along these lines the VMs, are raised and shutdown rather much of the time. My contents (python) make substantial utilization of the VIX programming interface, and furthermore control the .vmx config record.


What do I pick up as well as lose going from VMware Workstation to ESX? Do my contents that utilization the VIX programming interface still work? Do my somewhat entangled virtual system topologies, with loads of vmnet switches characterized as "custom", still work a similar way? Is the linguistic structure and semantics of the .vmx config record the same amongst Workstation and ESX?