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Appliance VM Version query

Question asked by stephen.moran on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by stephen.moran

We use CommVault to backup our vms, deployed turbonomics-opsmgr-5.8.4 yesterday, then applied offline update to 6.0, last night our CommVault guys forwarded me the following message:

"Error showing in exception report:-

 turbonomics-opsmgr-5.8.4 (Partial Success)<BR>Reason:turbonomics-opsmgr-5.8.4 Failed Failed to convert checkpoint to reference point; upgrade the virtual machine version

 It looks to be the VM version.  It shows as 5.0 in attached screenshot and on other Centos Linux vm servers on DMZ I see them running at 8.0."


Is the VM Version updated to Version 8.0 in the next release?