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NetApp OCI vs. Turbonomic Storage Control Module

Question asked by steve.senecal on Mar 26, 2018

I'm sure there are others out here in the Turbo community that run both NetApp OCI and Turbo's SCM. What I'm curious about is whether anyone has done a competitive analysis on the annual SnS of OCI and SCM? I get the fact that the NetApp guru's are going to say "I got to have OCI to manage our large deployment of NetApp FAS arrays". Now we all know and most of us are living through IT organization change! That IT change is DevOps, it's building out infrastructure-as-code! It's reducing if not eliminating IT compute, storage, network and security engineering manual tasks. The days of "Julian the developer, needs a new firewall port open" or "Judy the developer, needs more compute and storage". Those days of email to Service Now or CA Service Desk Manager Change Order tickets are changing.


We are having to retrain ourselves, those of us that are IT compute, storage, network and security engineer, to think more like a developer. We are transforming from the manual IT ticket pusher, to an Ansible playbook or Python, PowerShell guru! Which most of us can do, lets face it, we all love a challenge and we love learning new technology!


Now to my question, what value are you getting out of NetApp OCI? If we are moving towards infrastructure-as-code, do we want to be using tools that require "manual" intervention? Or do we want a tool that's constantly polling our infrastructure-as-code, that's making intelligent workload placement decisions, that's based on your company's policies?


I'm not seeing much activity in the Greencircle Storage forums, and this question was presented to me as we look to renew our NetApp OCI and we have Turbonomic! I'd love to hear what you think about this topic and our continued IT transformation challenge we are all going through.