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HD Video not playing in Android RPI3 using userland

Question asked by johntimber on Jul 21, 2018



I am running userland (hellovideo) application in Android rpi3. After fetching h264 data from file OMX_EmptyThisBuffer() is invoked to transfer the buffer to decoder. In my case after decoding the data,I am not able to see the video on screen. So to test whether the h264 data is decoded to YUV data, can I use OMX_FillThisBuffer() in video.c to get the decoded buffer(YUV) from decoder. Will the decoder give me the YUV data(back to application) through that call?. If yes which portIndex should I use for output buffer, Input buffer is using 130 as portIndex.
Any suggestion for this problem please?


Any help will be apprecited.


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