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Netapp drawbacks

Question asked by johntimber on Jun 12, 2018



So I'm close to purchasing a SAN. It's between a Netapp FAS2050/2020, Clarion AX4-5i and a lefthand 2060/2160

I really like what Netapp has to offer. CIFS/NFS/FC/ISCSI all in one box which is great for a small/med company. This SAN will be use for hosting SQL dbs, Exchange dbs and profile/file shares. And some light VMWare initially but fully transitioning eventually. What are some drawbacks to it though? What don't you like about Netapp devices/UI/support? I'd like to hear some negatives about Netapp solutions. Everything I've read so far sounds peachy so I'm hesitant that maybe I don't know enough about the product.


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