vCPU hot add

Discussion created by mbruggeling on Jun 13, 2018
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We have an internal discussion size a Windows VM.

Our policy since we use Turbo is that we build a vm with minimum specs 2 CPU's and 4 GB mem, and enable hot add for both cpu and memory.


There is server request for a print management server  Ysoft. The vendor recommends "the servers have a minimum of 8 x CPU and 16 GB RAM dedicated, Not dynamic for the  server. Konica Minolta supplied server recommendations based on the architecture along with consideration of the number of users per site location.


4 x CPU will be allocated for Windows OS, print spooling through the Ysoft platform. 4 x CPU for the processing of scan and OCR workflows.


The CPU allocation for Scan and OCR are Ysoft System settings which are static not dynamic. Therefore the server would require a  re-boot should there be an adjustment requirement to increase the system performance.


From our experience, and working with similar sized companies embarking on this transformation we recommend the above system resources as a minimum to enable an acceptable end user experience"


I am starting this discussion to come back with a fundamental response, cause even though new CPU's are available on the vm as the load increases. The vendor states that these cores are only available after a reboot?