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GC and Heap

Question asked by johntimber on Jul 21, 2018



Is my understanding correct here:If I enable MICROPY_ENABLE_GC, then the system will allocate an area of RAM at startup and use this ram for storing all the data. Doing it's own malloc in that are and managing the RAM as needed.
If I do NOT enable it, will the system use the normal, OS provided malloc and free?
Am I correct in assuming that using MICROPY_ENABLE_GC, the ram is allocated once and can not be increased, thus leading to potential out of memory condition even if more RAM is available from the main OS? If not, how can one increase the heap size at run time, while the python machine is running?
If I do NOT use MICROPY_ENABLE_GC, will the system still do Garbage collection? or will ram be leaked? If I do NOT use MICROPY_ENABLE_GC, then can I save the pythin state to flash and reload it later?


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