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How to downsize only when VM is shutdown?

Question asked by kelvin.wong on Nov 14, 2018

We are currently using Version 6.0. We are exploring downsizing automatic actions for VMs. With non-disruptively mode turned on, VMs will never be downsized because downsizing is disruptively. Yet, I understand that turbo will not resize a VM that has been shutdown.  If we set a maintenance windows to, say, every day between 1 to 5 am for downsizing, turbo will disregard the non-disruptive mode and apply the downsizing when required during the maintenance window and reboot the VM if there is a recommendation. Assuming we set to automatic.


However, this means that there is no way for the VM user to know if their VM would reboot during the 1-5 am windows because it really depends on whether there is a downsize recommendation. This would give a bad user experience because they could be using the VM during the maintenance window and suddenly the VM would reboot.


If there any way for turbo to perform a downsize action on a VM is the VM is shutdown, since this is essentially non-disruptive? Will Action Scipts work here in this case? Do we have any examples of such a script?


The notion of on demand down size in non-disruptive mode is rubbish, since nothing ever happens. And the notion of a maintenance windows to down size a VM also disrupts the user's experience for the VM and is not practical in actual operations.