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Hyper V as Target in Turbonomic

Question asked by navafkv on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by bspushkar

Hi All,


I started with Turbonomic recently. I was able to add Azure as a target in Cloud Management. Now I am trying to simulate on-premise environment using Azure nested virtualization. I spinned up a D2V3 virtual machine in Azure which have nested virtualization feature. Installed Hyper V in that and have an hyper v VM running inside the Azure VM. Now I need to add this Hyper V host in Turbonomic. Anyone please help me how to achieve this? I am in Target Configuration->Add Target -> Hypervisors ->Hyper V. 


Please let me know the steps I need to follow further. I was unable to find any valid documentation to achieve this. 


Note that we do not have a cluster setup. Just a single Azure VM with domain controller and Hyper V installed in it.