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How to understand excessive vMotion activity

Question asked by richardm on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by brian.osterman

I feel that Turbonomic is moving VMs around far more than what is necessary given our fairly low resource utilization levels.  Is there a report that drills down into why Turbonomic is making its VM move decisions?  Is it because of host network traffic?  Storage I/O?  CPU?  Clearly Turbonomic "sees" benefit in moving these VMs to different hosts but I would like some help in identifying the root causes.


Our vMotion runs on a physically separate 1Gb network that consists of multiple switches.  Several of these switches have only a single 1Gb switch-to-switch link!  We're moving to correct this but it'll be a few months before anything happens.  In the interim, vMotions are somewhat expensive operations and I'm trying to limit them to situations where a clear and discernible benefit would be realized -- not just better looking numbers on a screen!