Capacity Planning Scenarios Part 2: Projection & Projects

Video created by Anson McCook Expert on Mar 4, 2016

    This video is Part 2 of a series of videos outlining how to accomplish different capacity planning use cases in VMTurbo Operations Manager. Please see this post for all videos in the series: Video Tutorial: Capacity Planning Use Cases




    Ok, so after applying our knowledge from the first scenario, let’s setup a new Projection Plan. Again, we’ll scope to a particular cluster and enable Projection. Now let’s consider some new factors this time, like growth observed in previous months and/or repeated growth we anticipate this year. Let’s click into Demand and check out some new settings. Expand “Add VMs” and select “Add VMs based on previous months. When this setting is enabled, the Plan will use the previous month’s data of VMs added to this scope, and then add that same number of VMs each month until your specified end date. For instance if 3 VMs were added last month and you projected 3 months into the future, the plan would add a total of 9 VMs. Next select “Copy VMs”. Outside of the previous months growth, you know you’ll be adding some more workloads because of an upcoming project. You can use the existing VMs and create additional copies which allows Operations Manager to use the information it already has on those workloads. Will these be a set of VMs you are adding just once? Or will you be regularly adding these VMs on a monthly or yearly basis. Use the “When” drop-down to select your preference. I’ll select “Monthy” for this set of VMs. Let’s run. Here are the results! For each monthly interval we can see the total number of workloads we need to anticipate and the necessary hardware needed to support their demand for resources. That was pretty easy! Let’s save and export to a PDF.